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Overall Feelings

40% Everything is great, I’m having tons of fun 53% I like the guild but I’m a little burnt out on raiding and/or WoW in general 7% The game and raiding is still fun but I’m not super thrilled with the guild right now

This is pretty good news, it seems that most everyone is satisfied with the guild. Not so good however, half of us are experiencing some degree of burnout out with raiding  and/or WoW. We do have some plans to change up raiding that we hope will help with burnout. To those that indicated they were not happy with the guild, please feel free to get in touch with me privately and share what is bothering you. We don’t know how to fix it unless we know what it is.

Self Assessment

Responses were mixed here, with about half of the guild responding that they felt Normal was where they belong, and half indicating they feel ready for Heroic.


The vast majority responded that the guild leaders and officers are doing a great job. Thanks!

Guid Progress

60% Not bad but not progressing as quickly as we should be
13% We should have been on heroic weeks ago
27% We’re doing pretty well, right where we should be

Responses here show that we are between ‘a little behind’ and ‘significantly behind’ where most players expected to be in terms of raid progress. I think we can blame stalling on Kil’jaeden for this.


80% I primarily want to raid Normal but would be glad to do some Heroic pulls once Normal is on farm

Stuck On Fight

67% Give it a few tires and then start benching low performing players for that one fight
26% Just keep pulling, it will go down eventually, I don’t mind wiping over and over again

One of the hardest things to assess with any fight that isn’t going well is ‘why?’ For those that don’t know how flex raiding works, every player added to the raid increases the boss’ health by a certain amount. This is why we are always cautious about adding another healer when the current healers are not over-taxed… adding a healer that is not 100% necessary is adding more health to the boss that the DPS have to make up for. Similarly, if you have DPS that are struggling, they may not be doing enough DPS to cover the increase in boss health from their addition to the raid. When you hear us use the term “DPS check,” this is exactly what we’re talking about. This question is obviously in the survey because of Kil’jaeden. We seem to have the mechanics down, but we are struggling with doing enough DPS to beat the enrage. This is a clear situation where we may not be able to finish a fight unless we do one of 2 things:

  1. Increase the group DPS
  2. Remove the lowest performing DPS from the raid to get a better boss health vs. average DPS equation.

Benching someone is never something we want to do, but we have to also consider the rest of the raid and how hard they have worked to get the kill. These responses tell us that the majority of the guild agree with a temporary sit-out in order to get a crucial kill in this circumstance. If we are missing a DPS check on a fight because of a few players, we are going to give it a few tries and then assess how to move forward on a case-by-case basis. This may include a temporary sit-out for low DPS for that specific fight.


These responses were very interesting as it was basically a 3-way split between ‘Everyone should be invited,’ ‘Tryouts,’ and ‘Raid leader should choose a team.’ So clearly, no matter what we do here we won’t be able to please a majority.


Saturday is still overwhelmingly the best day for this group to raid, w/ Friday coming in a close 2nd.

Time Limit

93% Great idea
7% Terrible idea

I’ll go ahead and tell you that we will 100% be putting a time limit on future raids. We hope this will help with burnout.