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It has been a few weeks since we last talked about raid progress. In that time, we did manage to beat Kil’jaeden but only barely. And we haven’t been able to repeat that. Why do we have 8 bosses mostly on farm, yet we’re stuck on the one big red shithead? To be honest, it mostly comes down to DPS.

We haven’t seen a DPS check as hard as KJ since Star Auger NH. The last time we checked in, (July 17th) we asked you to do everything you could to increase your personal DPS. If there has been major progress on that, it hasn’t shown up yet in the logs. We have way too many fights with far too many of our DPS hovering at, or below, tank DPS.

We’ve always tried to strike a balance between fun and progress. For me personally, wiping over and over again on a fight that should be a cakewalk for the gear levels we have is not fun. We’re also hearing from some players that they are burnt out on WoW in general. Based on this, we thought it would be a good time to get your thoughts on our current raiding setup so we can see if there is any way to improve and move forward. Please take a minute to complete this survey, it will really help us understand how everyone is feeling right now. Your answers are completely anonymous, there is no way for us to tell who you are unless you put your name on it at the end in the comments area.