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Hi folks, apologies for the long post but there is a lot of raid news and updates we need to get out of the way:


We are running low on herbs, it would be a huge help if everyone with herbalism can help re-stock the guild bank so we can make more flasks and vantus runes for the coming weeks.


We made good progress on the fight this week, but to be honest with you guys, we’re not really close to a kill. Coming out of phase 2, he has like eleventy billion health left and we’re right up against the enrage timer. Bottom line, we need more DPS.

We need EVERYONE to take a look at these suggestions and make every effort this week to squeeze out more damage.

How can I do more DPS?


The easiest way to sim your character is via

Use the default settings for 1 boss. Look at your sim damage and compare it to what you typically do on a single target boss fight.

Is there a huge difference between your sim DPS and your typical output?
You probably need to hit up icy-veins or your class discord and review your rotation to figure out where you are losing DPS.

Is your sim matching up pretty good to your actual damage output, but both are pretty low?
This is most likely a problem with talents, stats, or gear. At 900+ ilvl, you should easily be doing a minimum of 600k DPS or more on a single target.

  • You can use the gear compare tool to find your best gear:
  • You can use the stat weights tool to find your true stat weights:
  • Use a class guide or class discord to figure out the best single target talents and play style for your spec
  • Tips: Set bonuses are really good and often worth taking lower overall ilvl. T19 set is still great.


Here is a great tool to help you find problems:
Click on your character and then the Kil’jaeden fights and “Process Fight” to get a report of things you can do better.


In most cases, there is no way you can do comparable DPS by clicking spells. Set up key binds and learn how to use them optimally.


Talk to Diaperlord, or any officer. They can help you sim your character, analyze your logs, pick talents, etc.

This Week’s Schedule

We’re going to pull some bosses on Friday night this week starting at 8:30 PM EDT. The goal is to get as much of the raid cleared up to KJ on Friday so that we can use all of Saturday to work out mechanics on that fight.

One Last Thing

If we continue to hit the enrage this week on Kil’jaeden with no hope of a kill in sight, we are going to need to adjust our raid comp for next week in order to secure a kill. Unfortunately, this will probably mean dropping low DPS for that 1 fight so that we can get guild credit for the kill. We wanted to give everyone a week to work on things so it didn’t come out of the blue and seem unfair.