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Nighthold… what a trip. What a journey. We went in a bunch of nubs w/ barely any raid experience and came out a well-oiled Normal raid guild w/ damn near a full Heroic clear.

We want to make sure that ToS is just as successful for us, and since we have an abundance of eager new raiders, here are some guidelines for the opening weeks of Tomb of Sargeras:

  • We will start with Normal difficulty on 06/24/2017.
  • 890+ equipped iLvl is required for all players.
  • All players must have completed at least 1 Nighthold Normal run.
  • All gear must be gemmed and enchanted, we will be inspecting prior to pull and working with you to fix problems.
  • All players need to come to raid w/ their own food, flask, and runes. We may not always have tables and cauldrons so be prepared.

These rules are in place to give everyone a chance to succeed at killing bosses. We want to have fun and be chill, but also take the content seriously. We’re not a carry group and everyone is expected to contribute. As we master the fights and get Normal on farm, these rules will relax a little and we’ll start helping gear people up, running alts, etc.

We will be moving to heroic content much more quickly this tier. We’ll outline our heroic guidelines at a later time, but I can tell you now that we will be using the normal runs as an eval for how we’ll form the Heroic team. No one should automatically assume they will have a guaranteed heroic spot in the beginning. We are likely going to have a set heroic team this tier and spots will be earned based on skill, attitude, participation, and just generally giving a shit. If all goes according to plan, we’ll get Heroic on farm and then relax things a little.

Let’s do this!